Senate Bill 1070 is an Arizona immigration law designed to protect all Arizonans. The Ministry of Citizenship needs the help of all citizens, law enforcement and volunteers.

Guidelines For Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are required to review the following guidelines and be cautious so that they are not accused of racial profiling. The world is watching to see how Arizona enforces Senate bill 1070, and so it is with great importance that these guidelines are met. READ MORE

Guidelines For Citizens

The Arizona immigration law, Senate Bill 1070, will take effect in 90 days. To meet such a quick implementation deadline, the Ministry of Citizenship needs help from all legal citizens. Arizona Senate Bill 1070 gives every citizen the right to bring a lawsuit against any government agency that does not enforce federal immigration laws. Additionally, every citizen shall have the right to submit a complaint against any employer suspected of employing illegal immigrants. Below you will find several tips to make this mandatory enforcement easier. READ MORE