Arizona Senate Bill 1070
Arizona Senate Bill 1070: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.*

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law a bill supporters said would take handcuffs off police in dealing with illegal immigration in Arizona, the nation’s busiest gateway for immigrants traveling from Mexico.

With hundreds of protesters outside the state Capitol shouting that the bill would lead to civil rights abuses, Brewer said critics were “overreacting” and that she wouldn’t tolerate large crowds.

AZ Senate Bill 1070

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

“We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for these people to leave,” Brewer said after signing the law. “But decades of inaction and misguided policy have created an annoying and unacceptable situation in Arizona.”

The bill’s Republican sponsor, state Rep. Russell Pearce of Mesa, said Obama and other critics of the bill were “against law enforcement, our citizens and the rule of law.”

Pearce hatched the idea for SB1070 late one night while waiting in the checkout line at Walmart.

“Here I was just trying to buy some Cheetos and cat litter, and the crowds were just horrendous,” he said Friday. “My rights as an American really should mean something.”

Earlier Friday, Obama called the Arizona bill “misguided” and instructed the Justice Department to examine it to see if it’s legal. He also said the federal government must enact immigration reform at the national level – or leave the door open to “irresponsibility by others.”

The legislation, sent to the Republican governor by the GOP-led Legislature, makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It also requires local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are of Mexican descent; allows lawsuits against government agencies that do not verify the race of citizens that they deal with; and makes it illegal to look at illegal immigrants in public.

Arizona SB1070

Rep. Russell Pearce With Unnamed Companion

“Illegal is illegal,” said Pearce, a driving force on the issue in Arizona. “We’ll have less crime. We’ll have lower taxes. We’ll have more fertile fields. We’ll have less traffic and cleaner air. We’ll have lower gas prices…and, shorter lines.”

The law sends “a clear message that Arizona is unfriendly and means business,” said Peter Spanikopita, a Temple University law professor and author of the book “Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Homogenization.”

Brewer signed the bill in a state auditorium about a mile from the Capitol complex where some 2,000 demonstrators booed when county Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox announced that “the governor will make an announcement right after her smoke break.”

The law will take effect in late July or early August, and Brewer ordered the state’s law enforcement licensing agency to take the training course at the newly developed website for the Ministry of Citizenship.


  1. Darryl
    May 06, 2010

    His right to check out quickly at Wal-mart was his premise for drafting this bill? I don’t people being her in my continent illegally either. I wish we had a provision to send all the Caucasian anchor babies home too. They talk about taking care of the land this land has been continually desecrated since their arrival several hundred years ago. Pearce seems to forget that he too is a product of “anchor” babies as well if you really look at the big picture.

  2. Connie Johnson
    May 14, 2010

    Is someone (oh, certainly not the Obamanation, radicals or liberal Democrats) trying to block access to the text of AZ SB-1070? No matter what website I have visited in an attempt to obtain the text of the bill, I have been unsuccessful, with no response from the “Enter” key when I find an indication that the text is there, and an inability to access the text through news websites, local websites, and even

    Where can a find a copy of the text online, available for printout? I found it on April 30. Now it’s like “The general public must be protected from this text; ‘We’ will interpret it for them.”

    Am I being paranoid, or are “They” really out to get us??

  3. Jack Nasty
    May 25, 2010

    Connie…. be patient…. we will get to you in time…. your foil hat and disposable cell phone is no match for our superior intellect and technology. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  4. Hurricane Katrina
    May 29, 2010

    I work for a major retail store. We have to turn away several people a day becase they dont have correct id or no id at all. So,red flag comes up and turns out that customer is illegal. I live across the street form illegals. She recieves 2000.00 a month in food stamps. Unemployed of course. I am a single mom of 2 disabled kids and was denied food stamps. I dont even make 9.00 an hour. So. no I will not support them. They are taking from me.

  5. cassy
    May 30, 2010

    Katrina, If you were informed better you would not be saying what you said. Who is taking from you?? People with no legal doc have no right to obtain food stamps. Ok, I do agree that some people have fake doc and they might be gatting help. What do you think happens with their social security that they never claim, so who is taking from who?? They still pay TAXES. They are not taking jobs, they get the jobs they have now because the job was avaliable to EVERYONE. I see that you have hurricane katrina, who do you think help you ?? send money , food, and help?? We all pay taxes here.

  6. Sandy
    Jun 07, 2010

    How funny, the way the tables turn. At least the Mexicans are just walking across the boarder, how soon we forget that some people had to come by ship and cross the Atlantic Ocean just to get here. I know my great grandmother would be ashamed of me if I made a law like SB1070.

  7. Maricopa Marie
    Nov 02, 2010

    You know, Katrina, if it is the case that some lady across the street from you is receiving $2000.00 in food stamps and you know she is illegal, why are you not performing your civic duty as an American and turning her into the Federal Food Stamp fraud hot line? Are you an accomplice?

    I also would like to know how you know she is illegal and receiving such a large amount of food stamps. For an unemployed person with two children, based on age, the most food stamps they could receive is $500.00 – $200 for the adult and $150.00 for each child. So what you are telling me is that she has 12 children she is legally the guardian for, and is receiving food stamps for.

    Secondarily, I don’t really believe you make $9.00 an hour with two kids, who are disabled and you cannot get food stamps.

    I don’t believe this for two reasons – the food stamp office has set earnings based on how many members of your family there are. So, you would qualify by these standards unless you own a bunch of cars, real estate other than your personal home you live in, you receive oodles of child support that bumps your income above the earnings limit, etc. A person who works 40 hours a week and receives $9.00 a hour makes $1440.00 a month before taxes. With rent, the cost of travel to work, utilities, etc., you would totally qualify for food stamps and AHCCS.

    I also don’t believe you because if you actually applied for food stamps, you would know that you need legal proof, the original document, to prove your citizenship. You need this for yourself and each one of your children to show they are citizens with full rights to receive those benefits. You need all sorts of letters, documents, proof of income and bills. Once you receive food stamps, the last step is finger prints. Hmm. So, uhm, how did this illegal with 12 dependent children get $2000.00 again, and how do you know all about this?

    Oh yeah, it would be REALLY HARD to commit welfare fraud with 12 dependent children. Do you know how much work and liability to get caught there would be for this many people? It is easier to do it with 1-3 kids than 12, lady. Nice try. Please tell us another story.

  8. Bill
    Sep 29, 2011

    Governor Jan Brewer simply did what the Federal Government refused to do and what is in accord with National mandates.

    What is it that some folks don’t understand about “ILLEGAL.” In my job, I traveled all over this world. Every country that I have visited deports anyone who enters their counties illegally, or they jail them!

  9. Bill
    Sep 29, 2011

    Many responses coming in are obviously from families of illegals or employers of illegals. Why not jail/heavily fine, or otherwise punish persons who knowingly employ illegals?

  10. gaby
    Oct 12, 2011

    you people are some hateful, rude, bastards seriously what gives you guys the right to deny a person becasue thats what they are people just like you and me… any right to be here you sure as hell do not own this land and neither do the people that supposedly claim that this is in fact their territory. stupid idiots none of us here in america are in fact from america brush up on your history idiots we all originated from freaking asia. no one has the right to alienate people just becasue they are not “from here”

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  12. warped44
    Feb 25, 2012

    The bill SB1070 is available on many websites. Apparently you don’t have pdf capabilities as I downloaded it from the website and can print it out. I think Jan Brewer and Mr. Pearce have forgotten where they came from and where their parents came from. This country was founded by immigrants. Apparently they don’t know their history very well.

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  14. James
    Jun 18, 2012

    This country was founded by immigrants, and i’m glad that the people here before us didn’t deport us or build a fence to keep us out even after we killed them, enslaved them, and infected them with small pox. The truth is, this law is a way of keeping out those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t like illegal immigration, but we need to realize that we sure as hell didn’t ask permission to enter from the Native Americans.

  15. Truth
    Jun 23, 2012

    American citizens – now giving away citizenship!

    Americans in other countries:

    When you have been living in Mexico for 5 years, you may qualify for Mexican Citizenship. There are benefits in being a Mexican Citizen, but there are also a few drawbacks or limitations. Mexican Citizens cannot legally drive (or own) a vehicle that has foreign license plates. If you have a vehicle that you are strongly attached to, citizenship is not for you.

    On the plus side, Mexican citizens have lots of advantages. They can own land, for example. While visitors have to use a bank trust, Mexican citizens can own property in their own names without having to use a bank trust. Mexican Citizenship also means that you don’t have to make the annual trip to the local immigration office to renew your FM-3.

    Mexico: There are other advantages, too. Certain jobs and businesses have restrictions, wherein only Mexican citizens can hold those jobs or own those businesses. You may not want to drive a taxi, or own a corner taco stand, but as a citizen it’s an option. Mexican Citizens can vote. While I’ve never been politically minded, a Mexican voter registration card is better identification than a passport when cashing checks or dealing with government agencies.

    Get a visa card to allow you to reside in France.

    Reside in France legally, with a valid visa, for five years. There are certain conditions which lower this residency requirement, including service in the French armed forces and marriage to a French citizen.

    Attain good employment in France. It is important that you have a good job in France already before you apply to become a citizen there. WOW THERE’S AN IDEA!

    Become fluent in French. You will need to become well-versed in the speaking, reading, and writing of the French language to become eligible to be naturalized. WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT?

    Fill out an application for citizenship.

    Submit your application along with all relevant documentation. The documentation that’s necessary will vary from case to case and will generally be asked for by the French consulate.

    Pass the screening process that is completed by the French government. The officials in France will verify with your current government that you haven’t been convicted of any serious crimes and will check to make sure that you haven’t committed any crimes in France during your residency there.



    Live in the UK for five years. If you are married to a British citizen, you only have to live in the UK for three years before applying for citizenship.

    Select the application that best fits your situation at

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    Wait for the UK Border Agency to contact you and respond to any inquiries as soon as possible. If your application is approved, you will need to attend a citizenship ceremony.

    Arrange your citizenship ceremony with the local authority, which will be listed on your invitation to become a citizen. You must arrange your ceremony within 90 days of receiving your invitation.

    Attend the citizenship ceremony and recite the oath and pledge, which can be found at


    Live in Canada for at least three years. To become a Canadian citizen, you must live in Canada legally as a permanent resident for at least three years. Living in Canada on a work or school visa does not count as being a permanent resident.

    Learn English or French. You must know the English or French languages before you can become a Canadian citizen as these are the primary languages spoken there.

    Have a clean prison record. If you have been in prison within the last four years, you are not eligible to become a Canadian citizen. If you are on probation or have been in the last four years, you may not become a Canadian citizen.

    Learn all about Canada. You will have to take a test similar to the citizenship test given by the United States. You will need to know Canadian history, geography, politics and laws.

    Fill out an application. If you meet all of the requirements, you will then have to take the Canadian citizenship test. If you pass the test and meet all the requirements, you will be made a Canadian citizen.

    just to spell out a few and as I researched more each country is placing more restrictions – so why should we the “melting pot” melt down to NOTHING?

    I know that there are many law abiding illegals in this country from every descent but, is it REALLY that big of an inconvenience to carry your paperwork with you? I don’t think so! I would if I was in Mexico, England, Canada, or anywhere that I was not a natural born citizen. We can sit and pretend that those illegals that come over now are not working and not acting like natural born US citizens – but we are fooling ourselves. Many have fake documentation work long hours for cheap and “pay taxes” in some form. Those that do not follow laws generally get deported due to too many run-ins with the officials. I think it is ridiculous that Arizona had to write as a policy that law enforcement must verify citizenship. Why are we not doing this? If it’s a law why not enforce it?

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